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RV Bayonet Sewer hose Adapter Easy Slip

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Camco Easy Slip Straight RV Sewer Hose Bayonet Adapter is a sewer hose fitting that helps securely connect your RV sewer hose to your camper with a firm, odor-tight seal. A built-in, patented Spin-Lock ring rotates to hold your hose in-place with a water-tight hose connection. This product accepts 3-inch sewer hoses and slip-over fittings. The adapter’s tapered end allows your sewer hose to slide on easily. No additional clamps are needed for installation using the provided Spin-lock ring. Once the adapter is connected to your sewer hose, the adapter’s non-restrictive walls allow free-flow while cleaning out your RV waste tank. This product can be stored with your sewer hose in a standard 4-inch RV bumper.