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G96 Gun Blue Creme

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G96 Gun Blue Crème

Produces Dark Even blueing which don't rub off or discolor. Gives a rich mirror-like finish


  • Remove all Oil, Grease, or Dirt from surface to be blued by cleaning with G96 Firearm cleaner/degreaser. pitted or rusted surfaces should be sanded lightly with emery cloth or steel wool.
  • Apply a small amount of G96 Gun Blue Creme with a clean patch
  • After blueing is achieved (After turning greyish, usually within 15-30 seconds), Neutralize area with water.
  • Wipe Dry and apply a protective coating of G96 Gun Treatment or any G96 Gun oil product for long lasting lustrous Finish. (Better Penetration is achieved if metal is slightly warm)
  • Wash hands after use.