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Fibreglass Tent Pole Repair Kit

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Coghlan's Fiberglass Tent Pole Repair Kit is the ultimate solution for broken or damaged tent poles. With this kit, you can quickly replace poles, restoring stability and structure to your shelter. Installing the poles is a breeze, and the durable materials ensure long-lasting performance, making it a cost-effective alternative to buying a new tent. The kit includes four 25.63" (65.1 cm) fiberglass pole sections, along with shock cord and lead wire. With 0.37" (9.5 mm) ferrules, this repair kit has everything you need to get your tent back in top shape for your next outdoor adventure.

  • Replacement fiberglass tent poles
  • Includes four 25.63 inch tent pole sections
  • Shock cord and lead wire included
  • Two 0.37-inch (9.5 mm) ferrules included